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Comment: Published by Scroll Versions from space PRINERGY and version 8.1


  • Proofs and plates: In plating jobs with the APPE RIP, be careful with plates that were proofed with the previous APPE RIP. Because the RIPs are different, there is a slight chance of an interpretation difference between proof and plate. Ideally, jobs should be plated with the same version of Prinergy that was used to generate the proofs.
    Note: To avoid this situation you should coordinate hub and spoke configurations when upgrading Prinergy.

  • Reprints: For reprints of jobs that were printed previously using an older RIP, it is recommended that you rerun proofs using the new RIP to ensure there are no unforeseen differences between the original press run and the reprint.

New PANTONE+ V3 libraries


Refine to PDF/x-1a fails when Lab Spot Color Libraries are loaded and you are NOT converting Spots

As of Prinergy 8.0, all factory Spot Color libraries were replaced with Pantone V3 Lab libraries. If you refine a file that contains a Spot Color that is defined in the Lab library, the Spot Colors Alternate Color Space will change to Lab. Since Lab is not allowed in PDF/x-1a, the process will fail.

To resolve this, you can remove the PANTONE V3 library or load a CMYK library, such as a legacy user or ColorBridge library (Answer ID 73041). 
Note: If your incoming PDF has Spots with LAB Alternate Color space, you will want to have a CMYK Pantone library loaded, otherwise refine will also fail.

When converting Spots to Process, its recommended to use the new PANTONE V3 Library. See the About Pantone Libraries section of the Workflow Help for more information. (PRINERGY-43630)

Maxtone CX, Maxtone FX, and Maxtone SX RIP


When system spot color library L*a*b* 2000 is added to a refine process template, it may not appear in the spot color libraries list but it will be available to be used by refine processes created from the refine process template. [PRINERGY-44022]

Refine may fail for PostScript files (that contain colors defined in L*a*b* color space) converted to PDF/X-1a

Due to a limitation in the handling of color defined in L*a*b* color space, refine processes may result in a failure during the Optimizer step when converting PostScript files containing L*a*b colors to PDF/X-1a. 
As a workaround, we recommend you first convert all colors to CMYK and spots with CMYK alternate color space in a refine to PDF before performing a second refine to convert to PDF/X-1a. (PRINERGY-43630)

Selecting “Replace variable marks in PDF content files” causes incorrect overprints on some objects