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Comment: Published by Scroll Versions from space COLORFLOW and version 8.2
Sv translation

You can create multiple versions of the conversion for a color input. You can give each input version a name and select one version as the default for Prinergy refine. In Prinergy, you can choose the desired version from a dropdown list in Prinergy Refine Process Templates dialog box.

  1. In the Color Setups viewer, click the Conversion icon Image Modified between the CI and the PCO.
  2. Excerpt
    In the Conversion Edit dialog box, click the Edit icon Image Modified next to the Input Version drop-down list.

  3. Click the Add button Image Modified.
  4. Define a new color input.
Sv translation

您可以为颜色输入创建多个转换版本。 您可以为每个输入版本命名,并选择一个版本作为印能捷精炼程序的默认设置。 在印能捷中,您可以从印能捷精炼处理模板对话框的下拉列表中选择所需的版本。

  1. 颜色设置查看器中,单击 CI 和 PCO 之间的转换图标 Image Added
  2. Excerpt
    转换编辑对话框中,单击编辑图标 Image Added (位于输入版本下拉列表旁边)。

  3. 单击添加按钮 Image Added
  4. 定义新的颜色输入