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Sv translation

Any color input, PCO, and SCO device condition that will be used in Prinergy with color management requires a device condition profile. Even if you have generated a DeviceLink profile during a simulation or a conversion, you still need to define the device condition profile to be used by Prinergy for color conversion operations.

In the ColorFlow Pro Workflow edition, you can importgenerate, and adjust device profiles. In the ColorFlow Workflow edition, you can only use device profiles by importing them.

You can import a device profile that was generated by Kodak Profile Wizard software, Kodak Spotless Color Toolkit, Kodak Spotless Software, or other software that supports ICC profiles. If none of the devices in the device condition have a measured response, the imported profile will define the color response of the device condition. If the device condition already has a color response that was derived from measurement data, importing a profile will not replace this color response.

  1. In a device condition, click the Device Condition icon Image Modified.
  2. Include Page
    _add a device profile
    _add a device profile
  3. Click OK.
Sv translation

在包含颜色管理功能的印能捷中使用的设备条件内的任何颜色输入、PCO 和 SCO 都需要设备条件配置文件。 印能捷使用设备条件配置文件来执行从源内容到目标颜色空间的颜色转换。

在 ColorFlow Pro Workflow 版中,您可以导入生成调整设备配置文件。 在 ColorFlow Workflow 版中,您只能通过导入设备配置文件来使用它们。

您可以导入由 Kodak Profile Wizard 软件、Kodak Spotless Color Toolkit、Kodak Spotless 软件或支持 ICC 配置文件的其他软件生成的设备配置文件。 如果设备条件中的任何设备都没有测量响应,则导入的配置文件将定义设备条件的颜色响应。 如果设备条件已包含来自测量数据的颜色响应,那么导入描述文件将不会替换此颜色响应。

  1. 在设备条件中,单击设备条件图标 Image Added
  2. Include Page
    _add a device profile
    _add a device profile
  3. 单击确定