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Comment: Published by Scroll Versions from space ICW and version 7.5

Note: In  In a collaboration session, only the session controller can display and hide separations.

  1. In Smart Review, on the right pane, click click Separations.
    Each separation that makes up the current image is listed beside a check box. (If the file is not separable, the Separations dialog box displays a message, indicating that the file does not have any separations.)
    Each separation is also assigned a color fidelity rating, indicating the source of the color recipe for each color and the accuracy of each color displayed on the monitor. The check mark or the [!] icon is displayed next to a color, and based on the following conditions:
    • Green check mark: The color recipe is defined by an N-color profile (including CMYK profiles) for a specific output media or device. The color profile is defined in the color target that is currently applied to the file in Smart Review.
    • Yellow [!] icon: The applied color target may or may not use Advanced Spot Color Fidelity. The color recipe is defined in the system's color database.
    • Red [!] icon: The color recipe is obtained from the file and may produce inaccurate color. Contact your system administrator to have the recipe defined in the system.
    In Compare mode, the Separations dialog box lists two sets of colors: the separations that make up the image in the left pane and the separations that make up the image in the middle pane.
  2. Select the check boxes for the separations that you want to display, and clear the check boxes for the separations that you want to hide.
    Note: Select the  Select the All check  check box to display all separations or clear this check box to hide all separations.
  3. Click Click Apply.