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Comment: Published by Scroll Versions from space PREPS and version 8.2


If your version of Preps 8.1 2 is integrated and supported with Kodak Prinergy Workflow 8.12, it will be automatically installed/updated in the Workshop directory when the installer is run on the client workstation. Preps 8.1 2 is also supported with Prinergy Evo 6.1.3 and later.


  1. Log on to your computer as an administrator.
  2. If an existing copy of the Preps software is already installed:
    1. Store a backup copy of the existing Preps installation folder in another location.
    2. Ensure that the software is not running when you start the installation.
  3. Log on to Kodak Partner Place.
  4. On the Partner Place home page, select Service & Support > Prepress Software Downloads.
  5. Search for Preps 8.x downloads, and download the Preps 8.12.0 Installer for your operating system to your workstation.

  6. Browse to the location where you stored the installer file and double-click it.
    The Installation Wizard appears. 

  7. In the Installation Wizard, follow the instructions.
    Note: A computer restart may be required.
    Due to security settings, you may encounter an error message when installing Preps on a Mac OS 10.9 computer. 
  8. If you encounter the error message, perform these actions:
    1. In System Preferences > Security & Privacy > General, click the lock icon and enter the administrator's password to unlock the settings.
    2. Set Allow applications downloaded from to Anywhere.
  9. If applicable, use the Migration Utility tool to copy previous configuration settings from a backed-up copy to the new installation folder.
    See Migrating from an earlier version of Preps for more details.
  10. License your Preps  software in one of the following ways:


Preps and Adobe software components

Preps 8.1 2 includes version 10 of the Adobe PDF Library software for reading, modifying, and writing PDF documents. To use the Adobe PDF Library instead of the Preps internal PDF engine, add this setting to your Preps Profile: