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Comment: Published by Scroll Versions from space BL and version 8.2


  1. In Prinergy Workshop Job Manager, open the job in Signature view.
  2. Double-click a signature to open and check the imposition job in full-access Preps Pro 6.x or Preps 7.x softwarethe Preps version integrated with Prinergy.
  3. If a JDF error text mark appears on a previewed signature, this indicates that although all the mandatory criteria are resolved, a nonmandatory dimension did not precisely match the JDF data, based on the Error Mark Tolerance setting in the profile.
    You can either check the raw JDF file and adjust any nonmandatory dimensions, or ignore the message. The imposition will import successfully with or without this error.
  4. Make changes to the impositions, if needed. You can make changes that retain the resolved status or create a new template reference.
    • To retain the resolved status of the signature and its original MIS signature ID, you can:
      • Edit any aspect of a signature without changing its basic structure (such as page size or page count). The mandatory criteria must remain matched.
      • Re-resolve a resolved signature (green icon) using the Resolve Signature Placeholder dialog box. You can create and save a signature in the Template Editor and then re-resolve to that signature.
    • To create a new template reference and Preps signature ID, you can:
      • Use the Signature Selection dialog box to add a signature when you receive more pages than were planned for a job.
      • Use the Signature Selection dialog box to replace a resolved signature with a template signature that changes the structure of the original signature.
      • If you suspect that a signature is missing from the generated imposition, check the folder for an unresolved raw stripping file, open the file in Preps, and manually complete the imposition.
  5. Print the Preps job to JDF output using the Press Sheet Size device, to any desired folder location.
  6. Import the Preps imposition into the Prinergy job:
    • If all icons are green, close the Preps software to automatically import any resolved signatures from the Preps imposition job into the Prinergy job. <LM - I think this is from Preps 5.x, needs updating>
    • If any icons are yellow, manually import the imposition in Prinergy.