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In addition to the default work type categories, you can configure new work-type categories and new types per category, which are then globally available to all Prinergy Workshop operators in the prepress system. Operators can also customize a work type for a specific job.

A subscription is also required in order for the WorkType and CostType info to be sent to the MIS. Here is an example of a subscription node in a SubmitQueuEntry:

   <JMF MaxVersion="1.3" SenderID="MISPrepress"
   TimeStamp="2008-01-21T12:00:00Z" Version="1.3">
      Type="Resource" xsi:type="QueryResource">
         <ResourceQuParams Classes="Consumable Handling Parameter"
         Exact="true" JobID="1006" Usage="Output"/>
   <Subscription URL=""/>
      Type="Status" xsi:type="QueryStatus">
         <StatusQuParams DeviceDetails="Details" JobDetails="Brief"
         JobID="1006" QueueInfo="false"/>
      <Subscription URL="">
      <ObservationTarget ObservationPath="//*/@*"/>