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Sv translation

The conversion method between the PCO and SCO decides how data is converted in order to align the color response of the SCO to the PCO. The conversion method is the type of curves or DeviceLinks that ColorFlow generates in order to align the SCO color output to that of the PCO. You can select a different conversion method than the default recommendation, and later adjust the generated curves or DeviceLinks in order to fine-tune the conversion.The conversion curves and DeviceLinks that ColorFlow generates are available in your Prinergy Process Templates in the Prinergy workflow.

Note: Depending on the DeviceLink options you choose, the gamut of the SCO is either mapped or clipped. All colors from the PCO can only be reproduced on the SCO when the SCO's gamut entirely encompasses the PCO's gamut. You can generate an SCO verification report to see how well the SCO gamut covers the PCO gamut.

  1. Click the Color Setups tab, and then click the desired color setup from the list to show it in the viewer window.
  2. In the color setup viewer, click the Conversion icon between the PCO and an SCO.
  3. In the Output Version box, enter a name if you don't want to use the default version name.
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    _curve method
    _curve method

  5. For a discontinuous flexographic SCO:
    • The color in the highlight region of the PCO is typically lighter, unless the PCO is also discontinuous. If the color in the highlight region of the PCO is darker and you want to improve color match across the entire tonal region, select the Allow Mindot Tint Out Increase check box.
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      _highlight contrast control
      _highlight contrast control
  6. To use a DeviceLink profile, do the following:

    • If your ColorFlow edition is not licensed to generate DeviceLinks, from the DeviceLink Method list, select Imported and then click Import to import a DeviceLink profile.
    • To generate a DeviceLink profile, from the DeviceLink Method list, select the desired method. For more details, see Generating a DeviceLink profile.
    • You cannot generate a conversion DeviceLink for a discontinuous flexographic SCO. 

    • If the PCO is discontinuous, you can generate either a conversion calibration curve or a discontinuous SCO conversion DeviceLink, but you cannot generate both.
  7. Click OK.

NoteIf the SCO device condition has extended process inks, they are calibrated to match the Spot Color Tone Value (SCTV) response of the same ink names -named inks present in the PCO. For extended process inks not present in the PCO, linear SCTV calibration is performed.