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Comment: Published by Scroll Versions from space COLORFLOW and version 8.1

If you have already added CMYK input files to a color setup to give correct output color, you can add a Ink Optimizing Input device as a color input and define a DeviceLink between the Ink Optimizing Input device and the PCO to optimize ink usage without changing the color space of the input files.

LimitationIn the current version of ColorFlow, you cannot add an Ink Optimizing Input for a discontinuous Flexographic PCO.

  1. Find the desired color setup that you want to optimize ink usage for.
  2. Enable the Devices dialog box and drag the Ink Optimizing Input device to the color setup as a CI.
    Note: The Ink Optimizing Solution is a licensed feature. An Ink Optimizing Input device is available in the Devices dialog box if you have the license.  The Ink Optimizing device condition is automatically defined. The color response of the Ink Optimizing device condition is a copy of the PCO's color response.
  3. Click the Conversion icon  between the CI and PCO to define a CI to PCO ICC DeviceLink.
  4. To use the same settings that you use for pictures for text or linework , on the Graphic tab, select the Graphic Conversion Same as Image Conversion check box.
  5. In the Rendering Intent list, choose the gamut mapping that should be used when mapping colors from one color gamut to another: 
    Include Page
    _rendering intent
    _rendering intent
  6. Set up the following options:
    Include Page
    _color space settings
    _color space settings
  7. Click OK.