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The actions that you will perform most frequently while viewing surfaces—panning, zooming, rotating, changing views, changing jobs, and so on—can be done using keys on your Apple keyboard.

 Using these keys, you can:
Arrow keysPan across the image in large steps.
Shift + Arrow keysPan across the image in small steps.
Control + Arrow keysMove directly to an edge of the image.
Command + R

Tilt the image 90°clockwise from its original position.

Command + L

Tilt the image 90°counter-clockwise from its original position.

Command + D

Tilt the image 180° from its original position.

Command + U

Return the image to its original position.

+ or =

Zoom in to increase the image size (maximum is 200%).

- or – ZZoom out to reduce the image size.
Page UpMove to the previous file.
Page DownMove to the next file.

Switch between Window mode and Full Screen mode.

Command + OOpen a different job.
Command + QQuit PressProof.

For a chart that you can print in color and place it by your monitor for easy reference, see the PressProof Keyboard Shortcuts Quick Reference Card, available on Kodak Partner Place at