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Determining the optimum combinations of dot shapes, angles, and line frequencies can be an involved process. Screen set combinations should be determined before doing plate testing to determine minimum exposure values. It is often not practical to determine final screen sets before the media representative determines minimum exposure values.
A Kodak flexo applications specialist configures screen sets.
If the media representative wants to start media testing immediately, before the flexo applications specialist is on site, they can use a representative pre-rasterized step wedge. A range of common frequencies are provided by Kodak for this purpose—see Kodak raster file targets. Normally, this output will be sufficient for the media representative to determine minimum exposure values.
If the media representative wants to use their own test files instead of the Kodak-supplied raster step wedges, you may need to image some vector test files through Prinergy for plate testing. If you are not familiar with flexo screening, read the following section for information about appropriate dot shape and angles with which to image the files.