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When your Prinergy system is first installed, the system is registered and the Prinergy license is entered in Prinergy Administrator on your behalf. At any time after the system is installed, you can use PLAS to retrieve your existing permanent license key. If you are entitled to any new Prinergy features that became available between the time that you ordered your Prinergy system and the time that the system was installed at your site, PLAS will provide you with a new permanent license key to enable the new features.

The new license contains all of your Prinergy licensed options and replaces your existing license.

  1. In PLAS, click View registered products.
  2. Select your site, select the Prinergy installation for which you want to retrieve the license key, and click Continue.
  3. Click Retrieve existing license.
    Your permanent Prinergy license key is displayed. If applicable, it includes any new Prinergy options to which you are entitled.
  4. Click Download the license key to download the key in an .xml file.
  5. In Prinergy Administrator, replace the existing Prinergy license with the new license:
    1. Save a copy of your existing Prinergy license. See Saving license key information.
    2. Remove your existing license. See Removing a license key.
    3. Enter your new license. See Entering a license key.

Prinergy Workflow software-based licenses can be retrieved in Online (automatic) and Offline (manual) methods as detailed below.

Online (automatic) license key retrieval


When installing the Prinergy Workflow software on your primary server, the installer will display a licensing dialog box, already populated with your server's unique system ID.

  1. In the License ID box, enter your license ID. 
    Note: Your License ID is the same as your Prinergy Workflow serial number which takes the form YCxxxxx or YCxxxxx-xx. 
    • If you already have a Partner Place account, log on to Partner Place at Navigate to Service & Support > Product Registration and License Activation > View registered products and select your site. A list of registered products will be shown, including the serial number for your Prinergy Workflow system (generally, in the form YCxxxxx, YCxxxxx-xx, or YCxxxxx-xxx).

    • If you do not have a Partner Place account, but you have a support plan that entitles you to the Prinergy upgrade, you can register on Partner Place at Then log on to Partner Place at Navigate to Service & Support > Product Registration and License Activation > View registered products and select your site. A list of registered products will be shown, including the serial number for your Prinergy Workflow system (generally, in the form YCxxxxx, YCxxxxx-xx, or YCxxxxx-xxx). 

  2. In the Partner Place username box, enter your Partner Place user ID.
  3. Click License Key.
  4. Click Retrieve License. Your new license key is automatically retrieved from PLAS and your Prinergy server will continue to contact the KODAK Product License and Activation System (PLAS) in the background on a regular basis to keep your system licenses up to date.

Note: If you are unable to retrieve a license automatically, but have met the requirements above, it is possible your system may not be configured to work with certificates correctly. In these cases, the issue may be able to be resolved by updating Internet Explorer to the latest version and/or applying current updates to your Windows server.

Offline (manual) license key retrieval


  • A workstation or server, other than the Prinergy Workflow primary server that has Internet access

  • A Partner Place user ID

If your Prinergy server cannot access PLAS or does not have access to the Internet, you will need to download a license file from a workstation or server that has Internet access. When the Prinergy Workflow installer detects that it is unable to contact PLAS, it will present you with a Software License dialog box that provides an opportunity to save an XML file containing the necessary information to generate a license. 

  1. From the Prinergy ESetup Software License dialog box, click Browse to select a location for the XML request file, and click Save to save the file.
  2. Copy the XML file to another workstation that can access the PLAS server on the Internet. 
  3. From that workstation, connect to and use the tools on that page to upload the XML file. PLAS will generate a new XML file that you can use to license your Prinergy server. 
  4. Download and copy the new XML file to the Prinergy server.
  5. Submit that file to Prinergy by clicking the Load license key from file (manual/trial) button, then Browse to locate a license file, and then Read File. Multiple licenses may appear in the licensing dialog box. 
  6. Select the license you want to apply to the server, click Apply to install the license, then proceed with the upgrade installation.

Automatic License Renewal

If your Prinergy Workflow server has Internet access as described above, purchased licenses will be automatically renewed on a regular basis. If the Prinergy Workflow server is unable to reach PLAS for extended periods of time, it will begin notifying the system administrator two weeks before the base license is set to expire. If your Internet connection cannot be restored within two weeks, retrieve an updated license file to renew the base license using the manual method.

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Wenn Sie Ihr Prinergy-System erstmalig installieren, wird das System registriert und die Prinergy-Lizenz wird in Ihrem Namen in Prinergy Administrator eingetragen. Nach der Systeminstallation können Sie jederzeit mit PLAS Ihren vorhandenen permanenten Lizenzschlüssel abrufen. Wenn Sie für neue Prinergy-Funktionen berechtigt sind, die zwischen dem Zeitpunkt Ihrer Bestellung des Prinergy-Systems und dem Zeitpunkt der Installation an Ihrem Standort zur Verfügung gestellt wurden, liefert Ihnen PLAS einen neuen permanenten Lizenzschlüssel zur Aktivierung der neuen Funktionen.

Die neue Lizenz enthält alle Ihre lizenzierten Prinergy-Optionen und ersetzt die vorhandene Lizenz.

  1. Klicken Sie in PLAS auf View registered products (Registrierte Produkte anzeigen).
  2. Wählen Sie Ihren Standort und die Prinergy-Installation aus, für die Sie den Lizenzschlüssel herunterladen möchten, und klicken Sie auf Continue (Weiter).
  3. Klicken Sie auf Retrieve existing license (Vorhandene Lizenz abrufen).
    Der permanente Prinergy-Lizenzschlüssel wird angezeigt. Falls zutreffend, enthält er alle neuen Prinergy-Optionen, für die Sie berechtigt sind.
  4. Klicken Sie auf Download the license key (Lizenzschlüssel herunterladen), um den Schlüssel in eine .xml-Datei herunterzuladen.
  5. Ersetzen Sie in Prinergy Administrator die vorhandene Prinergy-Lizenz durch die neue Lizenz:
    1. Speichern Sie eine Kopie Ihrer bereits vorhandenen Prinergy-Lizenz. Siehe Saving license key information.
    2. Entfernen Sie eine vorhandene Lizenz. Siehe Removing a license key.
    3. Geben Sie Ihre neue Lizenz ein. Siehe Entering a license key.
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Al instalar el sistema Prinergy por primera vez, el sistema se registra y se introduce la licencia de Prinergy en su nombre. En cualquier momento después de instalar el sistema, puede utilizar PLAS para recuperar su clave de licencia permanente. Si está autorizado a utilizar cualquiera función nueva de Prinergy que estuviera disponible desde que ha solicitado el sistema Prinergy hasta el momento en que se ha instalado el sistema en su ubicación, PLAS le proporcionará una nueva clave de licencia permanente para habilitar las nuevas funciones.

La nueva licencia contiene todas las opciones autorizadas de Prinergy y sustituye a la licencia existente.

  1. En PLAS, haga clic en Ver productos registrados.
  2. Seleccione su sitio, seleccione la instalación de Prinergy para la que desea recuperar la clave de licencia y haga clic en Continuar.
  3. Haga clic en Recuperar licencia existente.
    Aparece la clave de licencia permanente de Prinergy. Si procede, incluya cualquier opción nueva de Prinergy a la que esté autorizado.
  4. Haga clic en Descargar la clave de licencia para descargar la clave en un archivo .xml.
  5. En Prinergy Administrator, sustituya la licencia actual de Prinergy por la nueva licencia:
    1. Guarde una copia de la licencia de Prinergy existente. Consulte Saving license key information.
    2. Elimine la licencia existente. Consulte Removing a license key.
    3. Introduzca la nueva licencia. Consulte Entering a license key.
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Lors de l'installation de votre système Prinergy, le système est enregistré et la licence Prinergy est entrée dans Prinergy Administrator en votre nom. Une fois le système installé, vous pouvez à tout moment utiliser l'outil PLAS pour récupérer votre clé de licence permanente. Si vous pouvez prétendre à de nouvelles fonctionnalités Prinergy publiées entre la date à laquelle vous avez commandé votre système Prinergy et la date d'installation du système sur votre site, l'outil PLAS vous fournit une nouvelle clé de licence permanente pour activer les nouvelles fonctionnalités.

La nouvelle licence contient l'ensemble de vos options Prinergy sous licence et remplace la précédente licence.

  1. Dans PLAS, cliquez sur View registered products (Voir les produits enregistrés).
  2. Sélectionnez votre site et l'installation Prinergy dont vous souhaitez récupérer la clé de licence, puis cliquez sur Continue (Continuer).
  3. Cliquez sur Retrieve existing license (Récupérer la licence existante).
    Votre clé de licence Prinergy permanente s'affiche. Le cas échéant, elle inclut les nouvelles options Prinergy auxquelles vous avez droit.
  4. Cliquez sur Download the license key (Télécharger la clé de licence) pour télécharger la clé dans un fichier .xml.
  5. Dans Prinergy Administrator, remplacez la licence Prinergy existante par la nouvelle licence:
    1. Sauvegardez votre licence Prinergy existante. Voir Saving license key information.
    2. Supprimez votre licence existante. Voir Removing a license key.
    3. Saisissez votre nouvelle licence. Voir Entering a license key.
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Quando il sistema Prinergy viene installato per la prima volta, il sistema viene registrato e la licenza Prinergy viene inserita in Prinergy Administrator per conto dell'utente. In un qualsiasi momento successivo all'installazione del sistema, è possibile usare PLAS per ripristinare la chiave di licenza permanente esistente. Se l'utente è autorizzato a utilizzare una qualsiasi nuova funzione Prinergy divenuta disponibile dal momento dell'ordine del sistema Prinergy e al momento dell'installazione dello stesso nel suo sito, PLAS gli fornirà una nuova licenza permanente che gli consenta di attivare le nuove funzioni.

La nuova licenza contiene tutte le opzioni Prinergy concesse in licenza e sostituisce la licenza esistente.

  1. In PLAS, fare clic su View registered products (Visualizza prodotti registrati).
  2. Selezionare un sito, selezionare l'installazione di Prinergy per la quale si desidera recuperare la chiave di licenza, quindi fare clic su Continue (Continua).
  3. Fare clic su Retrieve existing license (Recupera licenza esistente).
    Verrà visualizzata la chiave di licenza Prinergy permanente. Se applicabile, include tutte le nuove opzioni Prinergy per le quali l'utente dispone di autorizzazione.
  4. Fare clic su Download the license key (Scarica la chiave di licenza) per scaricare la chiave in un file .xml.
  5. In Prinergy Administrator, sostituire la licenza Prinergy esistente con la nuova licenza:
    1. Salvare una copia della licenza Prinergy esistente. Vedere Saving license key information.
    2. Rimuovere la licenza esistente. Vedere Removing a license key.
    3. Immettere la nuova licenza. Vedere Entering a license key.
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Prinergy システムが最初にインストールされる際に、Prinergy Administrator に自動的にシステムが登録され、Prinergy ライセンスが入力されます。システムのインストール後にいつでも PLAS を使用して既存の正規版ライセンス キーを取得できます。Prinergy システムを注文してからシステムがサイトにインストールされるまでの間にリリースされた Prinergy の新機能がライセンス契約に含まれる場合は、PLAS により新しい正規版ライセンス キーが提供され、新機能を有効にすることができます。

新しいライセンスには Prinergy のすべてのオプションが含まれます。既存のライセンスは上書きされます。

  1. PLAS で、[View registered products(登録されている製品の表示)]をクリックします。
  2. サイトを選択し、ライセンス キーを読み込む Prinergy インストールを選択して、[Continue(続行)]をクリックします。
  3. Retrieve existing license(既存ライセンスの読み取り)]をクリックします。
    Prinergy の正規版ライセンス キーが表示されます。該当する場合は、このリストに、実行可能な新しい Prinergy オプションが含まれます。
  4. Download the license key(ライセンス キーのダウンロード)]をクリックして、.xml ファイル形式でキーをダウンロードします。
  5. Prinergy Administrator で、既存の Prinergy ライセンスを新しいライセンスに置き換えます。
    1. 既存の Prinergy ライセンスのコピーを保存します。「 Saving license key information」を参照してください。
    2. 既存のライセンスを削除します。「 Removing a license key」を参照してください。
    3. 新しいライセンスを入力します。「 Entering a license key」を参照してください。
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您首次安装印能捷系统时,系统已注册且代表您在印能捷管理器中输入了印能捷许可证。在系统安装后的任何时候,您都可以使用 PLAS 检索现有的永久许可证密钥。如果您有权在您订购印能捷系统和系统在您站点上安装之间使用任何新印能捷功能,则 PLAS 将为您提供新的永久许可证密钥以启用新功能。


  1. 在 PLAS 中单击查看已注册的产品
  2. 选择您的站点,选择要检索许可证密钥的印能捷安装,然后单击继续
  3. 单击检索现有许可证
  4. 单击下载许可密钥将密钥下载到 .xml 文件中。
  5. 在印能捷管理器中,将现有印能捷许可证替换为新许可证:
    1. 保存您现有印能捷许可证的副本。有关详细信息,请参阅 Saving license key information
    2. 移除现有许可证。有关详细信息,请参阅 Removing a license key
    3. 输入新许可证。有关详细信息,请参阅 Entering a license key