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Comment: Published by Scroll Versions from space PANDORA and version 7.5

The Die tab lets you extract the die to correct the current item.

To activate this tab, you must select one of the patterns of the file in the Current Item list of the Input file pane. For more information about the Input file pane, see Input file pane

For an EPS file with a pattern to be repeated on a flat layer, the whole file is considered the base pattern.

Extract Die

Extract a single pattern and any repeated pattern position from a multi-pattern flat vector file. If you press Shift while clicking this button, it will by pass the automatic pattern selection algorithm, even if no pattern was selected.

Snap Die

Readjust the pattern segments so that the end of each segment falls on the same position as the start of the next.


Close the pattern if it is not already closed. The end point of the last segment and start point of the first segment must be identical.


Rotate the selected pattern and adjust the repeat positions to fit the rotation. This option is useful on CF2 files where the basic pattern (die) is not in the same orientation as the PDF that Pandora software uses.


Mirror the selected pattern and adjust the repeat positions to fit the mirroring.