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Comment: Published by Scroll Versions from space PANDORA and version 7.5

The Station tab lets you manually edit a single station.

Clicking a station in the list or selecting it in the Preview pane displays the actual station values in the DieOffsetRotation, and Mirror fields. The Offset appears in the final placement format, not the CF2 format. (The CF2 format states the position of the bottom-left corner of the die before rotation or mirroring.)

  • Die
  • Offset
  • Rotation
  • Mirror

View or change the contents.
Multi-station selection (available only in the list, not in the Preview pane) allows you to change only the Die name. Changing the Die name assigns the station to another die if the die already exists in the CF2 file, or duplicates the die assigned to this station and names it with the new name if no other die with that name exists.

RemoveRemove the selected station(s) from the list.

Modify the selected station with the values entered in the Offset and/or Rotation fields.

AddAdd a new station with the values entered in the fields.
Up and down arrows

Move the selection station up or down, changing its position number.