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Supported servers

The table lists the servers that Prinergy Evo Workflow 6.1.3 supports. Other servers and Dell OptiPlex workstations are not supported.

Class (server model)

Operating system

Gen 11/12/13 Premium or High-Performance Servers

  • Dell PE T610/R710
  • Dell PE T620/R720
  • Dell PE T630/R730

Microsoft Windows Server 2008 x64 R1 or R2




Gen11/12 Performance Plus (Dell PowerEdge T310/320/330)

Note: Dell Performance PE T310 requires a memory upgrade to a minimum 8 GB (12 GB recommended).

For pricing information for server upgrades, call your local sales representative.

Gen 11/12 Performance (Dell PE T310/320/330)

VOE deployments using Kodak VM images under VMWare VSphere (VMware ESXi) 5.1 and 5.5

Adobe software components in Prinergy Evo Workflow 6.1.3

Prinergy Evo Workflow 6.1.3 includes Adobe software components. The software components listed in the Adobe component column contain the latest fixes for outstanding errors.

The following table lists the Prinergy Evo Workflow software components and their corresponding Adobe components.

Prinergy Evo Workflow component

Adobe component


Nserver 9.0.0
Flattener 3018

Output (RIP)

CPSI 3018
Adobe PDF Print Engine version 2.6.4004.2

CEPS output

CPSI 3018

Prinergy Evo Workflow component

Adobe component

PDF Library

PDFL.dll version 10

Integration with other Kodak software

Kodak software


Versions compatible with Prinergy Evo Workflow 6.1.3

ColorFlow software


Previous versions will be automatically updated

Kodak Harmony software

Not integrated, but available for use




Supports imposition plans created in Preps
6.3 and later

Note: For information on new features and the latest fixes included in the ColorFlow and Preps software, see the ColorFlow 2.1 Release Notes and the Preps Release Notes.