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Comment: Published by Scroll Versions from space PREPS and version 7.5
Sv translation

If you were formerly using a dongle-based license, you must upgrade to a software-based license. Prinergy floating licenses (FLIM) are not affected.


After you successfully install Preps 7.5 on your workstation, use the Preps software licensing dialog to upgrade your dongle-based license to a software-based license. To use the automated license update method, you must be entitled to a Preps 7.5 license (already have a dongle-based Preps 7.x license or a support contract that entitles you to upgrade a previous version of Preps to version 7.5) and have access to the Internet via standard http (80) and https (443) ports. If you do not have access to the Internet, you can use this procedure: Retrieving your new software license if the workstation does not have Internet access.

  1. To open the Licensing Preps dialog box, select Edit > Licensing.
  2. In the Licensing dialog box, activate the Software license menu in the upper-right corner and enter the following information:
    1. Your Partner Place ID (the e-mail address you used to register on Partner Place). 
      If you do not yet have a Partner Place account, click Create/update Partner Place user name and follow the simple registration steps. A Partner Place account is free and you can start using it as soon as you confirm your e-mail address and set a password.

    2. Your serial number.
      • If you are upgrading from a dongle-based license, Preps will automatically retrieve the ID of your dongle and use it as a serial number for your software-based license. If for some reason it is not automatically retrieved, manually enter the 6-digit ID that is etched into the dongle itself (for example, AH1234).
      • If you are not upgrading from a dongle-based license, enter your 15-digit software serial number or license ID (for example, K123456789101112) instead.

  3. Click Retrieve License.
    If your computer does not have Internet access, use this procedure: Retrieving your new software license if the workstation does not have Internet access
  4. Select Automatic online access to Kodak license retrieval and click Next.
    The license is automatically retrieved.
  5. To close the Licensing dialog box, click OK.
  6. Restart Preps.

Note: If you are unable to retrieve a license automatically, but have met the requirements above, it is possible your system may not be configured to work with certificates correctly. In these cases, the issue may be able to be resolved by updating Internet Explorer to the latest version and/or applying current updates to your Windows server.

Sv translation

如果您之前使用的是基于解密器的许可证,则必须升级到基于软件的许可证。 印能捷浮动许可证 (FLIM) 不受影响。


在工作站上成功安装 Preps 7.5 后,使用 Preps 软件许可对话框将您基于解密器的许可证升级到基于软件的许可证。 要使用自动许可证更新方法,必须有权获得 Preps 7.5 许可证(已经有基于解密器的 Preps 7.x 许可证或使您有权从之前版本的 Preps 升级到版本 7.5 的支持合同),并且可通过标准 http (80) 和 https (443) 端口连接到互联网。 如果您无法连接到互联网,则可使用以下步骤: 如果工作站没有互联网接入,则检索您的新软件许可证

  1. 要打开“许可 Preps”对话框,选择编辑 > 许可
  2. 在“许可”对话框中,激活右上角的软件许可证菜单并输入以下信息:
    1. 您的 Partner Place ID(在 Partner Place 上注册使用的电子邮件地址)。 
      如果您还没有 Partner Place 帐户,则单击创建/更新 Partner Place 用户名并遵循简单注册步骤。 Partner Place 帐户是免费的,确认电子邮件地址并设置密码后即可开始使用。

    2. 您的序列号。
      • 如果您要从基于解密器的许可证升级,Preps 将自动检索解密器的 ID,并将其用作您基于软件的许可证的序列号。 如果出于某种原因未自动检索,则手动输入蚀刻在解密器上的 6 位数 ID(例如,AH1234)。
      • 如果您从基于解密器的许可证升级,则改为输入 15 位数的软件序列号或许可证 ID(例如,K123456789101112)。

  3. 单击检索许可证
    如果您的计算机没有互联网接入,则使用以下步骤: 如果工作站没有互联网接入,则检索您的新软件许可证
  4. 选择自动在线访问 Kodak 许可检索,然后单击下一步
  5. 要返回到“许可”对话框,请单击确定
  6. 重启 Preps。