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If you want to do a full-color characterization in order to generate ICC device profile or DeviceLink profile, you must print and measure a ColorFlow full color and tonal chart. You can export, print, and measure the built-in Minimum Full CMYK i1iO chart which fits on one page of i1iO. (Note: This chart does not support scanning by the i1i02 for M1 and M2 measurement conditions.) You can also create a custom full color and tonal chart to fit your press.

  1. In a device condition, click the Measurements icon Image Removed icon Image Added next to a device.
  2. Click the Add button  .
  3. In the Chart Type list, choose  Full Color and Tonal.
  4. Include Page
    _configure characterization chart
    _configure characterization chart

  5. Your chart is assigned a default name. To rename your chart , double-click the chart name and enter a meaningful name.
  6. Click Save.
  7. To export the chart, click Export  and save the chart for printing. 
    The color characterization chart is created as an imposition-ready PDF file. If the chart has multiple forms to accommodate a small printable area, each form is a separate page in the exported PDF file.