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Comment: Published by Scroll Versions from space COLORFLOW and version 8.4
Sv translation
  1. Click the Color Setups tab, and then click the desired color setup from the list to show it in the viewer window.

  2. Double-click the background to show the Device window.
  3. Drag a device from the Devices window to the SCO position in the Color Setups viewer.
  4. Define the device condition for the SCO device.
  5. Define the conversion method to be used to transform data from the SCO to the color space of the PCO.
Sv translation
  1. 单击颜色选项卡,然后在列表中单击所需的颜色设置以便在查看器窗口中显示它。
  2. 双击背景以显示设备窗口。
  3. 设备窗口中的设备拖到颜色设置查看器中的 SCO 位置。
  4. 定义 SCO 设备的设备条件
  5. 定义用于将数据从 SCO 转换成 PCO 颜色空间的转换方法