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Comment: Published by Scroll Versions from space COLORFLOW and version 8.2
Sv translation

You can create a color setup for each type of printing that you do in your shop.

  1. Click the Color Setups tab, and then click the Add button Image Modified in the Color Setups list.
    The Devices window appears, and a new color setup named Untitled_n appears in the Color Setups list.
  2. Add the desired device if it is not in the Device window.
  3. Drag the device into the PCO position in the Color Setups viewer.
    The device that you drag into the PCO position is the device with the color response to which you want all other devices in the color setup to align. This device may be the most important or most stable device in your shop. For example, if you use a particular proofer to create contract proofs, you may want to choose this proofer as the PCO device, to ensure that all devices in the color setup print the same colors as the contract proofer. The PCO device can also be a CMYK reference device that uses the color response of an industry specification.
  4. Double-click Untitled_n , and type a new name for the color setup. You can name the color setup after its commercial purpose—for example, "Glossy brochures." 
  5. Define the device condition for the device.
  6. Characterize the color response of the device condition.
  7. Define the device condition profile.
  8. Define the color response of the PCO by simulating a target
  9. Define the PCO profile.
  10. (Optional)Verify the PCO.


Sv translation


  1. 单击颜色设置选项卡,然后单击颜色设置列表中的添加按钮 Image Added
    此时将显示设备窗口,并且名为 Untitled_n 的新颜色设置将显示在颜色设置列表中。
  2. 如果所需设备不在设备窗口内,请添加所需设备
  3. 将设备拖至颜色设置查看器内的 PCO 位置。
    您拖至 PCO 位置的设备具有您希望颜色设置中的所有其他设备都与其保持一致的颜色响应。 此设备可以是印刷公司中最重要或最稳定的设备。 例如,如果使用打样机来创建合同打样,那么您可能希望选择此打样机作为 PCO 设备,以确保颜色设置中所有设备印刷/打印的颜色与合同打样机打印的颜色相同。 此 PCO 设备也可以是使用行业规范的颜色响应的 CMYK 参考设备。
  4. 双击 Untitled_n,为该颜色设置输入新名称。 您可以在其商业用途后面命名颜色空间 - 例如,“光面宣传册”。
  5. 定义设备的设备条件
  6. 描述设备条件的颜色响应的特征
  7. 定义设备条件配置文件
  8. 通过模拟目标定义 PCO 的颜色响应
  9. 定义 PCO 配置文件
  10. (可选)验证 PCO