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ColorFlow 7.5 simplifies curve creation and application. We strongly suggest you create new curves in ColorFlow rather than Harmony, because of ColorFlow's many advantages. However, there is no mandatory requirement to switch from Harmony in Prinergy 7.5.

We recommend you move to ColorFlow in a phased and controlled manner. You can start by creating new ColorFlow curves for new print conditions, but continue to use existing Harmony curves in existing Process Templates for legacy print conditions.

Note that ColorFlow is the only option if you wish to align a print condition to a modern standard like GRACoL or G7.

The new curve creation process in ColorFlow is straightforward if you are printing and measuring charts. For other situations, consider the following:

  • If you are creating curves based on a spreadsheet of values (node-based curve creation), see instructions here.
  • For Copydot calibration, you must still use Harmony curves.
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  • 创建单色调色曲线


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ColorFlow 7.5 简化了曲线创建和应用流程。 我们强烈建议您在 ColorFlow 而非 Harmony 中创建新曲线,因为 ColorFlow 具有很多优点。 但是,并未强制要求须在印能捷 7.5 中从 Harmony 切换。

建议您以分阶段和受控的方式迁移到 ColorFlow。 您可以从创建适用于新印刷条件的新 ColorFlow 曲线开始,但是继续在适用于旧印刷条件的现有处理模板中使用现有 Harmony。

请注意,如果您希望印刷条件符合现代标准(如 GRACoL 或 G7),则 ColorFlow 是唯一选项。

如果您正在印刷和测量图表,则 ColorFlow 中的新曲线创建过程非常直观。 对于其他情况,请考虑下列事项:

  • 如果您正在创建基于电子表格值的曲线(基于节点的曲线创建),则请参阅此处的说明。
  • 对于网点拷贝校准,您仍必须使用 Harmony 曲线。
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