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An MIS might submit JDF layout data that originated in imposition or prepress planning software, such as Kodak UpFront or Preps or other third-party software. Business Link forwards this data to Prinergy for direct import into the job. Submitted JDF Layout data can contain page assignment information if the MIS supports this capability. Prinergy supports the direct import of:


If edits are required for JDF layouts, the originating software must be used. If a valid Preps template is referenced, you can use integrated full-access Preps software to edit the imposition only if the template is stored in the Preps Templates folder path that is specified in the Preps profile.

About manual impositions

In this guide, you can find the general steps for manually completing an automated imposition, when necessary. Workflows that do not use any JDF imposition data are beyond the scope of this guide, such as when prepress operators must build impositions from details provided on paper-based job tickets.
For detailed information about manual imposition tasks, see the Prinergy Workshop and Preps (or other imposition software) documentation.