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Comment: Published by Scroll Versions from space COLORFLOW and version 8.2
Sv translation
  1. Click the Device Conditions tab and then click the Add icon .
    The Device window appears. Add the device if it hasn't been added to the system.

  2. Drag the device to the viewer window.
  3. In the device condition , click the Properties icon .
  4. If the device is a print device, select the plate used in this device condition from the Plate Setup list.
    If the plate doesn't exist, click the Add button  and add a new plate setup. Each plate setup can contain multiple plate lines

  5. Depending on the device type, do the following:

    • For a curve-controlled device, such as an offset press, a digital halftone proofer or a Flexographic press, specify values for Screening and Substrate.
    • For a non-curve controlled device, such as an inkjet proofer, specify values for Resolution and Substrate.
      The list of values for a device condition is shared by the same device type. If the desired value doesn't exist, click the Edit  button  and  add a new value.
  6. Choose a Process Inks value for your CMYK or extended process ink set. If the desired value doesn't exist, click the Edit  button  Image Added and add a new value. Process Inks values are shared by all print device types except Flexographic Press. Flexographic press devices have their own list of values.
  7. Choose or add an Other value if needed.
    You can use the Other value to create a difference between two similar device conditions. For example, if two devices use the same Screening
     and Substrate valuesSubstrate and Process Inks values, you can use two different an Other values value, such as "Standard Inks" and "Fine Art Inks", to distinguish the two Gloss Varnish" to distinguish one of the device conditions.
  8. For a curve-controlled device, add spot inks for the device condition if needed.
    You can add as many spot inks as you require. When you add a spot ink to an existing device condition, it does not create a new device condition. The existing device condition is modified to include the spot ink wherever it is used. 
  9. Click OK .
  10. Characterize the color response for the device condition .

Sv translation

  1. 单击设备条件选项卡,然后单击添加图标
    此时将显示设备窗口。 如果尚未将设备添加添加到系统,请添加设备

  2. 将设备拖至查看器窗口。
  3.   在设备条件中 ,单击属性图标
  4. 如果设备为印刷设备,请从印版设置列表中选择此设备条件中使用的印版。
    如果印版不存在,请单击添加按钮 并添加新的印版设置。 每个印版设置可包含多条印版线

  5. 根据设备类型,请执行以下操作:

    • 对于曲线控制设备(例如数字半调打样机或柔性版印刷机),请为加网承印物指定值
    • 对于非曲线控制设备(例如喷墨打样机),请为分辨率承印物输入值。
      设备条件的值列表可供相同设备类型共享。 如果所需的值不存在,请单击 编辑 按钮 添加新值
  6. 根据需要选择或添加其他值。
    您可以使用其他值使两个类似设备条件之间产生差异。 例如,如果两个设备使用相同的加网承印物值,您可以使用两个不同的其他值(例如

  7. 对于曲线控制设备,根据需要为设备条件添加专色油墨
    您可以根据需要添加多种专色油墨。 将专色油墨添加到现有设备条件时,它不创建新的设备条件, 而是修改现有的设备条件,在使用时包括专色油墨。
  8. 单击 确定
  9. 描述设备条件的颜色响应的特征