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For example, if you specify NEWJOB_%MIS_JOB_ID%, the Prinergy job name will be NEWJOB_12345, where NEWJOB_ is the literal text that you specified, and %MIS_JOB_ID% is replaced by the value provided in the JDF.
Note: Job names cannot include nonstandard characters, such as / * \ , and the parameters must be uppercase.

Length parameters

Prinergy truncates job names that contain more than 31 93 characters. To manage the length, you can specify how many characters are to be included for each parameter, and at which character to start counting these characters. (Counting is zero-based, meaning that the first character is in the zero position, the second character is in the "1" position, and so on.)
The format for adding a length restriction to a parameters is %PARAMETER_NAME[a,b]%.


Important: Be sure to use uppercase capitalization for the parameters.

The following format limits the job name to 22 characters:


If the MIS Job ID is 1100221.23 and the MIS job name is cover of prepress job, the resulting job name is 0022_cover of prepress.

If the format requires a number of characters that cannot be satisfied by the corresponding original MIS value, then the available number of characters is used instead.