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© Kodak, 2015. All rights reserved.

Some documentation is distributed in Portable Document Format (PDF). You may reproduce such documentation from the PDF file for internal use. Copies produced from the PDF file must be reproduced in whole.


Kodak, Creo, ColorFlow, Connect, Evo, Harmony, Matchprint, Powerpack, Prinergy, Profile Wizard, and Staccato are trademarks of Kodak.

FCC compliance

Any Kodak equipment referred to in this document complies with the requirements in part 15 of the FCC Rules for a Class A digital device. Operation of the Kodak equipment in a residential area may cause unacceptable interference to radio and TV reception, requiring the operator to take whatever steps are necessary to correct the interference.

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© Kodak,2015。 保留所有权利。

某些文档使用便携式文档格式 (PDF) 发布。您可以从 PDF 文件中复制此类文档供内部使用,但必须复制 PDF 文件的全部内容。


Kodak、Creo、ColorFlow、Harmony、Matchprint、Prinergy、Profile Wizard 和 Staccato 是 Kodak 的商标。

FCC 符合性

本文档中提及的任何 Kodak 设备均符合 FCC 规则第 15 部分关于 A 类数字设备的要求。 在住宅区操作 Kodak 设备可能会对无线电和电视接收造成无法接受的干扰,需要操作员采取必要的措施来排除干扰。