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Note: A minimum of 8 GB of RAM and 146/160 GB (platform dependent) system disk are highly recommended for Windows 2012 R2.  This is a minimum requirement. Your configuration You may check the total current usage of all the running processes of your system and then add 4 GB on top of it. This total may be the amount of RAM to have to sufficiently run the system. Your configuration and other factors may still affect the overall performance, and the system may require more disk space or RAM.

Important: The Dell PowerEdge T610 or R710 High Performance Premium server are not supported with Windows 2012 R2.

Rendering Engine Sizing

PlatformMax Number of Rendering EnginesComments
T320 Performance Plus2
T330 Performance Plus2
T340 Performance Plus2
T620/R720 Premium Server10
T630/R730 Premium Server14
T640/R740 Premium Server14
T630/R730 High Performance Premium Server18
T640/R740 High Performance Premium Server18
KVOE virtual appliances (VMware and Hyper-V)n - 2

Number of vCPUs assigned to the VM minus 2 = total number of rendering engines that can be used on the appliance.
For example: If there are 4 vCPUs, you can use 2 rendering engines. 8 vCPUs = 6 rendering engines, etc.
VMWare and Hyper-V license limits are usually the limiting factor. "

Note: Maximum number of rendering engines is defined by the hardware platform and workflow licensing, not by the version of the workflow software.