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Files that Business Link moves into the Error subfolder of your specified base hot folder directory indicate a problem with the formatting or the content of the message.

File structure

You can test files for valid file structures before testing them in Business Link. Any standard browser is capable of opening XML files, and because XML is the basis of the JDF file structure, a properly formatted JDF file can also be interpreted and displayed in a browser.

Failure to display indicates a problem within the file, and usually an error message indicates at least the point in the file at which the error occurred.

Files that fail to display in a browser will very likely cause errors in Business Link. Other tools such as Altova XMLSpy software are also able to test XML-based file structures. Properly displayed files are more likely to be processed by Business Link but they can still contain incorrect data, so this test is no guarantee that the file will work in Business Link.

Illegal characters

Because certain characters are reserved for specific functions and commands as defined by the XML specification (JDF is based on XML), JDF files must not contain those characters directly in the data fields. For example, the quotation mark character is used to define the opening or closing of a data field, so it cannot be used directly within a data field.

Characters must be expressed inside an escape sequence that starts with an ampersand (&) and ends with a semicolon (;).

Intended Character

Correct Expression in JDF/JMF

quote (")


apostrophe (')


ampersand (&)


less than (<)


greater than (>)


Incorrect example: <sl:CreoSynapseJobCreate JobGroup="Jobs|Monthly|Jan & Feb"  Correct example: <sl:CreoSynapseJobCreate JobGroup="Jobs|Monthly|Jan &amp; Feb"

Parsing error: An end quote is missing

A closing quotation mark is missing, which caused Business Link to read the content as part of the CustomerJobName field. This message contains an illegal "less than" character (<) character in the field that specifies the CustomerJobName. 


ERROR [CSTR_Util] --------The document specified is invalid. ------------- 

ERROR [CSTR_Util] org.xml.sax.SAXException: Parsing Error : The value of  attribute "CustomerJobName" associated with an element type "jdf:CustomerInfo"  must not contain the '<' character. Line : 6, Column : 2 

ERROR [CMIS_HotFolderMISServer] The contents of file  E:\Link_HF\Inbox\BasicCreateJob.xml contains errors

Parsing error: A closing tag is missing

A closing tag is missing for jdf:CustomerInfo. The closing tag can be either a greater than character (>) by itself or a forward slash (/) followed by a greater than character (>). Not closing this field causes Business Link to read the next field as part of the previous field.
ERROR [CSTR_Util] --------The document specified is invalid. ------------- 
ERROR [CSTR_Util] org.xml.sax.SAXException: Parsing Error : Element type 
"jdf:CustomerInfo" must be followed by either attribute specifications, ">" or 
"/>". Line : 6, Column : 1 
ERROR [CSTR_Util] will continue trying without validating 
ERROR [CMIS_HotFolderMISServer] The contents of file 
E:\Link_HF\Inbox\BasicCreateJob.xml contains errors

Failure to create job: A Required field is missing

Because Category is a required field, and because the Category attribute is missing entirely in this example, Business Link ignores the message. 
ERROR [CMIS_HotFolderMISServer] code 125415; The file 
E:\Link_HF\Inbox\BasicCreateJob.xml does not contain a valid create job 

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