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There are three trap edge tools: The Trap Edge Basic Selection Tool, the Trap Edge Direction Tool, and the Trap Edge End-to-End Tool.

The Trap Edge Basic Selection Tool provides several ways to select the trap edge:

  • Directly select the trap edge.
  • To select more than one edge, press and hold Shift while selecting multiple edges.
  • To select all same trap edges in the file, press Alt while clicking one trap edge.
  • To select all trap edges generated on a color, press Alt while clicking on the color.
  • To select all trap edges within a frame, drag the frame with the mouse.

After selecting a trap edge, use the Trap Edge Direction Tool to quickly change trap direction dragging on the edge. 

Use the Trap Edge End-to-End Tool to click on one trap edge and then click on another. All the trap edges that can be connected between these two edges will be selected. If the two edges cannot be connected, an error message appears.

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