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Prinergy Tools is a set of licensed plugins for creative applications such as Adobe Illustrator. It is available for both Macintosh and Windows OS-based computers. Although the tools were developed for packaging converters, they can be used by any Prinergy customer.

Workflow Optimization

Use and edit shortcuts to optimize Prinergy Tools Workflow. Track edits after Undo or Redo operations.

  • Find shortcuts to some of the interfaces or functions of the plug-ins
  • Track the last edit after an Undo or Redo operation
Barcode ToolUse the Prinergy Tools Barcode functionality to generate and edit a barcode in an Adobe Illustrator document, and save the barcode in the document.
Basic Functions

Use Basic Functions to:

Eye Tool

Enhances the Adobe Illustrator preview functionality:

Ink ToolUse the Ink Manager, Ink Mix, and Image Channel Mapping tools to manage ink-related tasks such as converting spot colors to CMYK, updating the ink list, setting the darkest ink, adjusting ink sequence, and so on.
Inspect Tool

Finds problems in an Illustrator document so the user can rectify errors while the document is progressing through the workflow. This tool contains the following functions:

  • The ability to check each parameter of every object according to defined rules, including fonts, line width, images, inks, and other parameters.
  • Management of the parameters used for checking, such as read, save, import and export functions and more.
  • The ability to run a check based on the current parameter set. You can display the preflight result and interactively see the position of any objects with problems.
Marks ToolAdd various types of printer marks: center mark, corner mark, ellipse mark, gradation mark, image mark, rectangle mark, text mark, station number mark, or trim mark.
Production ToolA set of tools that is more intuitive and easier to use than the corresponding Adobe Illustrator tools: Selection Tool, Gradient Tool, Line Pathfinder Tool, Expand Text Width, Node Optimization, Foreign Art to Gray Tool,  and Path Editing Tool.
Screen Tool

Use the Prinergy Object Screen Manager to define screen information such as ink type, dot shape, angle, screen ruling, and printing method for each color in specific objects in an Illustrator file.

Use the Prinergy Document Screen Manager tool to define screen information such as ink type, dot shape, angle, screen ruling, and printing method for each color.

Search ToolUse the Search Tool to find all objects matching the parameters and conditions that you specify.
Trap Tool

Enhances the Adobe Illustrator trap functionality for with these additional features:

  • Automatic Trap: Use trap tickets to set commonly-used trapping parameters that will work on a selected part of a file or the entire file. 
  • Interactive Trap: Apply designated traps to specific colors.
  • Trap Preview: Display the effect of the automatic trap or interactive trap.
  • Rich Black Trap: Add another ink to a dark color to create a darker printing effect. 
  • White Underprint Trap: When printing on metal or transparent material, create a white background that acts as a neutral base for inks printed on top of it. 
Warp Tool

Enhances the Adobe Illustrator warp distortion functionality:

Changes in the Adobe Illustrator user interface

When you install Prinergy Tools, your Adobe Illustrator software will include additional interface elements in the menus and the toolbar.

In the Window menu, a new Prinergy Tools submenu

In the View menu, a new Prinergy Trap Preview option

In the Effect menu, a new Prinergy submenu with items for Curves and Noise

In the Illustrator CC menu, a new Prinergy Entitlement submenu

 In the Edit menu, a new option for Paste text without format


In the toolbar

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