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Prinergy Tools is a set of prepress production plugins for Adobe Illustrator which are available for both Macintosh and Windows OS-based computers. Although the tools are primarily of interest to packaging converters, they can be beneficial to any Prinergy customer.

The plugins are available in a variety of packages:

For details about the features of these tools, follow the links in Prinergy Tools 1.01.

Version 1.01.03

New Features and Enhancements in 1.01.03

Prinergy Tools 1.01.03 Release adds these new features:

  • Illustrator CC2020 compatibility
  • macOS 10.15 compatibility
  • Auto calculation of UPC Barcode Check Sum digits
  • Additional GS1 DataBar code types
  • Import layered PDF into Illustrator and retain layers and relationships.

Known bugs and limitations in 1.01.03

  • On macOS 10.14, Illustrator crashes on first launch after running plug-ins installer (Workaround required, see Installation Notes below).
  • On macOS 10.14, start-up message "Error loading plugins. Prinergy_Nest.aip." This error can be ignored.
  • To recognize layers, Esko PDFs must be created with Automation Engine 16 and above

Installation Notes

  • There are two different installers for each workstation platform. Use the appropriate installer for the version of Creative Cloud you are running.
    • CC2017: use for Illustrator CC2017 and CC2018
    • CC2019: use for illustrator CC2019 and CC2020
  • macOS 10.14 installation note: To prevent Illustrator from crashing on first launch after installing Prinergy Tools:

    • Do not launch Illustrator immediately after installing the plug-ins
    • Open the Applications\Adobe Illustrator 2020\Plug-ins folder and copy the \Prinergy folder to the desktop.

    • Delete the \Prinergy plug-ins folder from the Application folder.

    • Launch Illustrator 2020 and then Quit.

    • Copy the saved \Prinergy folder from the Desktop back to the Applications folder

    • Re-launch Illustrator 2020. Illustrator should then start normally.

  • macOS 10.14: to prevent the start-up message: “Error loading plugins. Prinergy_Nest.aip” click the Don’t Show Again checkbox in the Error Dialog to suppress the error message.

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