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Prinergy Tools is a set of licensed plugins for creative applications such as Adobe Illustrator. It is available for both Macintosh and Windows OS-based computers. Although the tools are targeted to packaging converters, they can be used by any Prinergy customers.

The plugins are available in a variety of packages. The first release will include the following product offerings:

Barcode Tool

Using the Prinergy Tools Barcode functionality, you can generate and edit a barcode in an Adobe Illustrator document, and save the barcode in the document.

For more information, see Barcode Tool.

Inspect Tool

The Inspect Tool provides prompt feedback about whether the working file design meets all the requirements of the intended output and printing process. The preflight result can alert the user to changes that should be made as soon as possible to improve production quality and efficiency.

For more information, see Inspect Tool.

Trap Tool

The Trap Tool offers four components:

Automatic Trap: Use this tool to create trap tickets that automatically use the trapping parameters you set. You can designate trap and keepway settings and set the color pair trap rules.

Interactive Trap: This tool provides a trap operation mode that directly responds to the selected colors' trapping. Users can apply designated traps to specific colors. In addition to all the parameters available in Automatic Trap, Interactive Trap has additional parameters for spread/choke all or spread part/choke trap operations.

Rich Black Trap: To create a darker printing effect, use this tool to add another ink to a dark color (usually Black) . 

White Underprint Trap: To create a white background when printing on a metal or transparent material, a white ink is needed to act as neutral base, allowing the other inks printed on top to have the correct appearance. With this tool, you can set the width of the spread or choke of the underprint. Or, you can choose to ignore an object's ink color or white color, and the underprint will not be executed. You can also use the white underprint function for finishing such as varnishing and bronzing. 

For more information, see Trap Tool.

Warp Tool

The Warp Tool provides a distortion function–you can create and alter an object's grid for Adobe Illustrator. There are three types of warp available:

Circular warp: suitable for shrink-wrap applications

Conic warp: suitable for preprinted labels that will be applied to conic containers

Complex warp: suitable for metal decoration (can printing)

You can also use this tool to adjust grids and create circular standard grids.

For more information, see Warp Tool.

Prinergy Set

Eye Tool: Use the Preview functionality to check what the file will look like when printed and to experiment with different percentages of minimum dots. Use the Comparison functionality to compare the file you have opened in Adobe Illustrator with another file–for example, with a previous version of the same file. For more information, see Eye Tool.

Ink Tool: Use the Ink Manager, Ink Mix, and Image Channel Mapping tools to manage ink-related tasks such as converting spot colors to CMYK, updating the ink list, setting the darkest ink, adjusting ink sequence, and so on. For more information, see Ink Tool.

Mark Tool: Use the Mark Tool to add printer marks to a plate. The Mark Tool has eight types of marks that you can add to a trim box, media box, sheet, plate, 1-up files, CAD bounding box, or artboard: center mark, corner mark, ellipse mark, gradation mark, image mark, rectangle mark, text mark, station number mark, or trim mark. For more information, see Mark Tool.

Search Tool: Use the Search Tool to find all objects matching the parameters and conditions that you specify. This tool enhances the Adobe Illustrator search capability. For more information, see Search Tool.

Production Tool: A set of tools that is more intuitive and easier to use than the corresponding Adobe Illustrator tools: Selection Tool, Gradient Tool, Line Pathfinder Tool, Expand Text Width, Node Optimization, Foreign Art to Gray Tool,  and Path Editing Tool. For more information, see Production Tool.

Trap Tool: See description above.

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