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What is the Prinergy Object Screen Manager?

The Prinergy Object Screen Manager is a tool you can use to define screen information such as ink type, dot shape, angle, screen ruling, and printing method for each color in specific objects in an Illustrator file. When you output a PDF from Adobe Illustrator, screen information will be saved within the file and can be  applied as Document Screening at the time of output in Prinergy. Printing Method is an optional tag which can be used for several different purposes. For example, you can use the Printing Method tag to encode Advanced Flexcel NX Tags to be used in TIFF Assembler Plus to apply advanced Flexcel NX screening.

  1. Open the Adobe Illustrator file in which you want to set screen parameters.
  2. From the Adobe Illustrators menu, from the Windows menu, select Prinergy Tools > Screen Tool > Prinergy Object Screen Manager

    The Prinergy Object Screen Manager dialog box opens:

  3. To read current information about the inks used in the file, click Update
    Use Update to update inks when you open a new file or change an existing file. 
  4. If desired, predefine the settings used in the Document Screen Manager user interface by selecting the Preset Manager from the side menu, and creating settings for Screen, Angle, Dot, and Printing Method.
    Default values for different parameters are provided and cannot be deleted. User parameters that you add can be deleted by clicking Delete in the Operation column for the value.

  5. To have screen parameter information written into the output PDF file, select the Add Screen information when output PDF check box at the top of the Object Screen Manager tab.
    If the check box is cleared, the output PDF file will not contain the screen parameter information.
  6. In the Prinergy Object Screen Manager dialog box, in the Ink section, select the ink you want to screen and set parameters for its dot shape, angle and ruling.
    Note: If you want to output a PDF with screening information, all parameters must be supplied. Individual settings for ruling, angle, and dot shape cannot be set to None


    Display the inks of the selected area.


    (Required parameter) Select the dot ruling for the selected ink.


    (Required parameter) Select a dot angle for the selected ink.


    (Required parameter) Select a dot shape for the selected ink or input your own parameter. The Dot parameter must be a valid Prinergy dot shape name.

    Printing Method

    (Optional parameter) Select a printing method for the selected ink, or input your own parameter.

  7. To find objects that match the screening information, select multiple objects, using Shift/Alt + mouse click. Or, select all objects using the Ctrl + A shortcut and click Find Objects.
    Note: Find Objects cannot support Non-printable layers, hidden layers, or hidden objects.
    Note: For grouped objects, if one or more objects in the group meets the selected screen information, the whole group will be selected.
  8. In the Object section, set the screening parameters for selected objects.
    • Use the Adobe Illustrator selection tool or direct selection tool to select specific objects. The objects list will update automatically. When you click an object, the list displays all inks. 
    • The default screen parameters for Object are the same as in the Ink section. If necessary, reset the ruling, dot shape, and angle of inks. Or, click Default Value to use the values selected in the Ink section.

      The ink list will show nested ink listings information when different objects with the same ink have been defined with different parameters. The number inside the brackets represents the number of different sub-ink settings for the same ink.

      You can click the + before the Ink ID to expand all sub-inks to view their parameters, but the parameters can't be edited in the Ink panel. If you wish to edit the parameter of a sub-ink, you must select the sub-ink, click the Find Objects button and then select and edit the parameters of the sub-ink in the Object panel. 

      You can save all the parameters you have applied to inks in a file by saving a parameters Ticket. The ticket can be used to restore previous settings, or can be loaded into a different file to apply the same settings.
  9. To save a ticket, from the right-side menu, select Save Ticket, select a save path, and save it in SD format.

    You can later import a saved ticket by selecting Load Ticket.
  10. To output to PDF, from the Windows menu, select Prinergy Tools > Basic Functions > Output PDFNote: Before doing this, confirm that the Add screen information when output PDF check box is selected.
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