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What is the Prinergy Document Screen Manager?

The Prinergy Document Screen Manager is a tool that you can use to define screen information such as ink type, dot shape, angle, screen ruling, and printing method for each color. When you output a PDF from Adobe Illustrator, screen information will be saved within the PDF.

Prinergy Document Screen Manager workflow

  1. Launch Adobe Illustrator. 
  2. From the Windows menu, select Prinergy Tools > Screen Tool > Prinergy Document Screen Manager.

    The Prinergy Document Screen Manager dialog box appears.

  3. To set up the default screen parameters, from the side menu, select Preferences and set up the default parameters.

  4. If desired, predefine the settings used in the Document Screen Manager user interface by selecting Preset Manager from the side menu, and creating settings for the various parameters.
    The Preset Manager is also used for deleting parameters that are no longer required.

  5. Open the Adobe Illustrator or PDF file in which you want to set screen parameters.
  6. To read current information about the inks used in the document, click Update
    The list of inks updates.

  7. To edit the screen parameters for a separation, double-click the ink to display the Ink Option dialog box. 

    In the Ink Option dialog box, you can select from the list or your can enter new parameters, which will then become available as a choice in the drop-down menus.

    Ink NameThe selected ink. This parameter cannot be edited.
    Ink GroupThe ink type. For example: process ink or spot color ink.
    LPISelect the dot ruling for the selected ink.
    AngleSelect a dot angle for the selected ink.
    Dot ShapeSelect a dot shape for the selected ink, or input your own parameter.
    Printing MethodSelect a printing method for the selected ink, or input your own parameter.
    Print ConditionProvide print condition information.
  8. When you have completed your edits, click OK and save the parameter ticket as an .spf file.
  9. From the side menu, click Export and specify the path for saving the parameters.  
    Note: You can load saved parameters to other documents by clicking Import from the side menu. 
  10. Save the document or output it to PDF.
    The screen information will be saved within the file.

Reading Esko's screen information from the document

Open the document that contains Esko's screen information, and click Update. The Esko screen information will be read to the Prinergy Document Screen Manager window. If you save this document again, Esko's screen information will not be overwritten. The specified screen information will be saved.

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