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Use PLAS to obtain temporary license keys to evaluate new Prinergy options and features at no charge.
You can evaluate multiple new options and features at the same time. You can evaluate each option up to a maximum of two times for 30 days each time.
Note: Temporary license keys contain only the options and features that you are evaluating. They do not contain all of your Prinergy licensed options and therefore should be added to your Prinergy system in addition to your existing permanent Prinergy license. Do not replace a permanent license with a temporary license.

  1. In PLAS, click Evaluate a new option.
  2. Select your site, select the product for which you want to evaluate new options, and click Continue.
    A list appears, displaying the licensed options that you have already purchased, the options that you have already evaluated, and the options that are available to you for evaluation.
  3. Select the options that you want to evaluate and click Continue.
  4. Accept the license agreement and click Confirm.
    You will receive an e-mail message containing a temporary license key that will enable the selected options for 30 days. The message is sent to the e-mail address associated with the account that you used to log on to PLAS.
  5. In Prinergy Administrator, add the new temporary license. Do not remove your existing permanent license. See Entering a license key.
  6. When the temporary license expires after 30 days, you can remove it from Prinergy Administrator. See Removing a license key.

Tip: To retrieve the existing temporary license key for an option that you are currently evaluating, in PLAS, click View registered products, select your site, select the product for which you are evaluating the option, and click Continue. Click Look up temporary license options.

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