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It is assumed that there is a firewall mediating all communications between your site and the Internet. If you do not want to open ports in your firewall directly to your Prinergy primary server, or you require a proxy, then you must run a proxy server to which you are willing to open ports to the Internet, and also ports to the Prinergy primary server. Normally this proxy would be in a demilitarized zone (DMZ) and there would be a firewall between the DMZ and the Internet and another firewall between the DMZ and your internal network. This kind of proxy is commonly called a reverse proxy.

If you do not wish to allow your Prinergy primary server to make direct outbound network connections to your OPS instance, you must have a proxy server in the DMZ that accepts the connection from Prinergy and makes a connection to the OPS instance. This is a normal (not reverse) proxy.

CAUTION: Setting up a proxy for outbound connections from RBA means that the proxy will be used for all Copy or Move Files actions in rules that access URLs out on the Internet. This includes the requests made to get order content files from the OPS server.

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