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  • The customer must configure their firewall to allow inbound connections to the Prinergy primary server (w.x.y.z) on port 61235.
  • During initial setup and testing, this port should allow connections from any IP address. Once communication between OPS and Prinergy has been proven to work in both directions, the customer should restrict this port to only allow connections from the OPS server.
  • If the firewall restricts outbound connections, the customer should configure it to allow connections from the Prinergy primary server (w.x.y.z) to any of the OPS IP addresses (e.f.g.h) on destination port 80. For SSL, use port 443.
  • The customer must provide the destination URL to OPS as http://s.t.u.v:61235/OPS/OPSOrder.aspx. If using SSL, the prefix should be https.
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