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Before you create any rule sets in RBA, develop a strategy by determining which Prinergy processes and activities you want to automate.

Develop a strategy for the rule sets you will create:

  • Define a clear goal for each rule set.
  • Identify the events in your Prinergy system that you can associate with desired actions.
  • Work out a logical and simple sequence of Prinergy events and actions that lead to your goal.
  • Think about the event information needed to choose useful parameters and parameter values for an action.
  • Consider whether to chain events and actions or to create two or more separate rules in some cases, especially if you need a manual trigger to occur part of the way through a rule set.
  • Identify any flow actions such as a filter, branch, or timer that can increase the usefulness of a rule.
  • Consider whether you want e-mail notification of the result of a process in a rule.

You could consider automating:

  • Repetitive processes
    • Do you always refine input files when they are added?
    • Do you always export a job to another plant for production?
    • Do you always archive successfully completed jobs?
  • Predictable job runs
    • Do you run the same job regularly?
    • Do you have jobs where the workflow steps change very little or not at all?
  • Meeting standards
    • Should you ensure that all pages are approved before the imposition is proofed?
  • E-mail notification
    • Should the operator get an e-mail message when a process fails?
    • Should the operator get an email message when a process completes?
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