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If the Business Link Job is created using the JobID, you will need to change the comparison condition in the DSF Job Created system rule as follows:

  1. In Business Link Administrator, make sure the Job Naming Format is set to %MIS_JOB_ID%.
    Note: If you need to change the Job Naming Format to %MIS_JOB_ID%, you must stop and start Business Link for the change to take effect.
  2. In Rule Set Manager, disable the DSF Job Created system rule.
  3. Open the rule in Rule Builder, find the branching action Is it the job we're interested in?, and double-click the connection to open the configuration screen.
  4. In the Criteria list, select XML Data (DSF) -> JobID.
  5. Click OK and save the rule set.
  6. Enable the system rule set for the new changes to take effect.

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