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Your digital workflow environment and the type of connectivity that you need for your digital press determines your licensing requirements.
For unmanaged connectivity, you do not require a license. For managed connectivity, you require one license for each digital press that is connected to Prinergy.
The number of unmanaged connections is not limited. However, unmanaged connectivity does not provide the advantages of managed connectivity.
The following tables list the features and training requirements that are available with each part number. Training and start up assistance may vary, depending on your location. For more information about digital printing and licensing requirements for your workflow system, contact your service representative.

Note: The Prinergy Evo software does not support managed connectivity.

Part number: 015-01280A-040 | KODAK PRINERGY Option - Digital Expansion Pack

For existing Prinergy customers adding digital connectivity or new customers adding onto a Prinergy base system

Features included:

  • 2 managed digital press connections
  • Digital Submit
  • Digital Direct
  • 1 additional Prinergy refine system
  • Dashboard

Mandatory Start Up Assistance required to be purchased separately:
SD-0001-35 |KODAK PRINERGY Start-up Assistance, Device Connectivity for Digital Presses, 1 day

Additional options:

  • You can purchase additional managed connections using part 015-01280A-108.

Part number: 015-01280A-108 | KODAK PRINERGY CONNECT Option - One Additional Digital Press Connection

For existing Prinergy Digital customers who wish to add additional press connections

Features included:

  • 1 additional managed digital press connection


  • 1 day of Start Up Assistance, device connectivity for digital presses
Part number: 015-01280A-145 | Digital JDF Bi-directional Communication

Digital JDF Bi-directional Communication is a license that provides the Prinergy user with a suite of new options supporting JDF communication to Digital Front End (DFE). This suite includes Setup, Digital Job Ticket Editor and Device Track.


The DFE hosts a wide variety of information from the screening process, to substrates, to paper handling, and in some cases inline finishing. Setup offers the ability to read Device Capability (DevCap) information from digital press front ends and apply it to Prinergy Workflow allowing you to control, process, publish and track to documents completion. For presses that are supported in Prinergy Workflow 8.1 with Digital JDF Bi-directional Communication, connections must be configured through the Setup application. Digital Submit and Digital Direct connections made with the older method through Prinergy Administrator (UADM) will continue to work as-is, but will not take advantage of the new features available with Digital JDF Bi-directional Communication. 

Digital Job Ticket Editor

Digital jobs (in the Input File, Page Set, and Signature levels) are submitted in Workshop after their settings are defined in the Digital Job Ticket Editor. When Prinergy servers connect to a digital device via Setup, the device communicates its capabilities in JMF format. The values for the different parameters are updated in the Setup application per device, and are reflected in the job ticket options (Digital Job Ticket Editor). The options in the Digital Job Ticket Editor are based on the capabilities of the selected device. The new JDF bi-directional connectivity method enables you to change the job settings in Prinergy's Digital Job Ticket Editor based on the available options of the connected digital device. 

Device Track

Device Track provides a view of all your digital devices. Digital documents that have been submitted via Prinergy Workflow or third-party solutions can be tracked from process to completion. Digital submissions can also be edited via Device Track, with the limitation that Digital Job Ticket Editor presets and ICC profile selection cannot be changed If a document needs to be re-submitted, or was not targeted to a digital device; you can access the Digital Job Ticket Editor to change DevCap properties and submit from Device Track, without having to resubmit the output from Prinergy Workshop.

Supported Digital Presses for 015-01280A-145

  • EFI—Fiery FS200 Pro 
  • HP—SmartStream Production Pro 4.6 or later
  • KONICA MINOLTA—IC-602 Image Controller and IC-603 Image Controller
  • RICOH—TotalFlow Print Server R-60, R-60A, R-61 and R-61A
  • Komori—IJ Manager

SUA involves showing customers how to configure the two features that make up the part:

    • Connecting the DFE and Prinergy
    • Configuring the Prinergy Setup application
    • Using the settings from Setup with a Job Ticket Editor preset
    • Monitoring output status in the Prinergy Device Track application
    • Using Color Management with the Job Ticket Editor
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