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In Prinergy 8.1 you can use Prinergy Workshop's Send to Digital context menu to send a document (digital print job) via the Digital Job Ticket Editor to a connected digital device, and then monitor the progress of the digital print jobs in Device Track. For more information see the Digital Printers section in the Outputs chapter of the Prinergy Workshop User Guide and the Setup and Device Track chapters in the Prinergy Workshop User Guide.

As of Prinergy 5.0, you can use two client software applications to facilitate digital print jobs on managed connections—the Prinergy Digital Submit software allows you to quickly submit digital print jobs and Prinergy Digital Direct helps you to manage your digital presses.
Digital Submit is software designed for a customer service representative to create and submit digital print jobs without using Workshop. Digital Submit allows you to create jobs by dragging files (static and variable data file formats) from your desktop or other file storage locations onto targets (digital presses or automated processes) that are listed in the Digital Submit window.
Note: You can also use Workshop to create and submit digital print jobs.
Digital Direct is software designed to let the press operator and production manager plan and schedule digital print jobs for a digital press. It includes easy-to-use tools that let you manage and queue digital print documents. For example, you can determine if a document can be completed during a shift, or how many hours of printing are scheduled for each digital press.

The Digital Submit and Digital Direct software is installed using the Prinergy Workshop Client installer and run on Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows operating systems. The software is accessible from the following menu locations:

  • Windows client: Start > All Programs > Kodak > Prinergy
  • Mac client: Applications/Kodak/Prinergy

If you want to update Digital Submit or Digital Direct, you must run the Prinergy installer wizard from the share and select the software that you want to update.

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