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The Prinergy Disk Cleanup Tool is available on the Kodak services and support portal.

The Prinergy Disk Cleanup Tool allows system administrators to perform the following maintenance tasks on their Prinergy system:

  • View a list of files that can be removed.
  • Delete old log files, temporary files, and previous Prinergy updates.
  • Move the page file to a drive with available space.
  • Move the spool folder for a printer to a different drive.
  • Change the locations of folders that Prinergy manages, such as the TaskServerData folder.

This tool frees up space on Prinergy system drives, maintains good system performance, and makes it easier to install Prinergy updates. It is available on the primary server at Start > Kodak > Prinergy Support Tools > Prinergy Disk Cleanup Tool.
Information about how to use the Disk Cleanup Tool is provided with the software.
Note: If you remove Prinergy Patch Uninstall information, you cannot roll back to previously installed versions of Prinergy.

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