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You can minimize the time and effort required to create new curves by using the following best practices procedure:

  • Duplicate an existing target curve to reduce setup time.
  • Use a common current curve that has already been created—usually linear for flexo.
  • Derive a new calibration curve, and create a new media type only when you create this final curve.
  1. Select an existing target curve, right-click, and select Copy Curve.
    Note: By copying a curve, you do not have to enter Curve TypeCurve Set, or Spot Color Name. The number of Nodes will be predefined.

    Harmony: Copying a curve 
  2. Rename the curve so that you can identify it as a new correction curve. Open the duplicated curve and, from the Edit menu, select Target Curve Properties.

    Renaming the target curve in Harmony
    Tip: Once you change the name of the target curve, select the entire name and copy to the clipboard. You will use this copied name in a moment.
  3. Once you change the name of the target curve, edit the target curve values. Save the curve to preserve the edits.
  4. You are now ready to create the final calibration curve. Select New Calibration Curve and locate the common baseline current curve and the new target curve you just created.

    New Calibration Curve dialog box in Harmony  
  5. When you click OK, the new calibration curve appears. Select Curve Properties and paste the name of the new target curve that you had previously copied to the clipboard.

    Calibration Curve Properties dialog box in Harmony 
  6. Select the Medium tab, and click Add to create a new medium. This medium name is used as a database key to link different color curves when the %% Auto %% function is used in Prinergy.
    The medium name is picked up from the current curve by default, but you can clear this option and select the new medium that you created. There is no need to create a new current curve with the new medium name.

    New Medium dialog box in Harmony 
  7. Select the new medium that you created. Once the medium is selected and the new curve is saved, Prinergy can automatically select the curve. Continue to add all colors that will be used by the specific artwork or job. 

    Selecting the new medium in Harmony 
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