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  1. Verify that the server is running Prinergy Evo or later.
  2. Open the config.txt file located at \\servername\D\Programs\Kodak\Evo\config_data\System\common\. The path to the common directory may vary, depending on the system.
  3. Enter the following text strings in the config.txt file.
    Note: Use # if you want to comment out, or disable the feature, or if you want to add explanatory comments to the configuration file. The actual configuration lines are displayed in bold text below—the remaining text is for explanation only, and is commented out.

    # --------------------------------------
    # RIP Output Values .csv File 

    # SCAL_CalibCurvePctInterval specifies increments. Examples:
    value of 0.4 gives 256 steps (each 8-bit grey level), a value of 
    1.0 gives 100 steps (each percent).

    # SCAL_CalibCurvePath specifies where the file will be written.
  4. After editing the config.txt file, close and reopen Prinergy Evo.
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