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Export and import rule sets in Rule Set Manager to copy rule sets between Prinergy systems, back up rule sets, and send rule sets to support staff for assistance in troubleshooting.

What you can export

You can export:

  • An entire rule set group.
    The export file includes the rules sets, group name, and group structure.
    If you export the root group, Rule Sets, the export file includes all rule sets and groups.
  • One or more rule sets from the same group.
    The export file includes the rule sets but does not contain any group information.
    You can import rule sets into any group that does not have rule sets of the same name.

About exports

The exported file uses a compressed format with the .zip file extension.
It has a default name that starts with the exported rule set or group and ends with the suffix _ruleset. For example, if you export the Refine Input rule set, the export file is Refine You can modify the file name when you export.

The exported file contains:

  • An XML file for each rule set in the export, using a folder structure that matches what you exported
  • Any XML schemas referenced by Read XML actions in the exported rule sets, if any
  • A manifest file that identifies the content of the export

When you import, you can bring in the entire compressed file, or you can decompress the compressed file and import an individual XML file.

See also

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