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Look in the Processes pane for information about processes, which include JTPs and daemons.
Tip: The file names of daemons appear in the Processes pane of Administrator and in the Task Manager dialog box in the Windows operating system.

  1. In the right pane, click the Processes tab.

    The Processes pane displays the following information:



    Possible Entries

    Status of the process (indicated by the icon color)

    Green indicates the process is running.
    Red indicates the process has stopped.


    Name of process, suffixed with a Windows operating system process ID number—for example, Spool Daemon (418).

    Processes include daemons and JTPs


    Which server the process is running on

    Any server name in your Prinergy system


    Version number of the process

    Numeric release number plus update (if applicable), in A.B.X.Y for m, where:
    A.B. is the major and minor release of the product.
    X.Y is the major and minor update of the product.
    For example, indicates Prinergy release 2.0, update 5.1.


    Status of the process

    Running indicates the process is running on a server.
    Ended indicates the process is not running on a server.
    Terminated Abnormally indicates the process has crashed or was stopped from NT Task Manager.


    Executable name of the process

    Processes include daemons and JTPs.

  2. If you want to sort processes by a different column, click the column heading.
    For example, if you want to sort the processes by file name, click the Filename column
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