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User accounts have several advantages, can be organized into groups, and should have strong passwords.

About user accounts

Set up a separate user account for each user in the Prinergy system, so that you can:

  • Provide users with unique profiles and personalized preferences, such as the position and size of windows in the Workshop software
  • Integrate security with the Windows operating system
  • Control user rights for individual users
  • Use the history log to track the operations that each user performs

About user groups

We recommend that you set up at least two user groups:

  • A Users group for people who use only the Prinergy client software (Workshop)
  • An Administrators group for people who also use the Prinergy Administrator software

About passwords

Passwords are case-sensitive. They must be a maximum of 14 characters. If a user plans to access the Workshop software from an Apple Mac computer, the user's password must be a maximum of 8 characters, because Mac computers can accept passwords of up to 8 characters only.
Note that the @ symbol is an invalid character in a user password.

To help safeguard your system, encourage "strong" passwords for all accounts used with Prinergy. Strong passwords:

  • Contain characters from all four of these classes: uppercase characters, lowercase characters, numerals, and non-alphanumeric special characters, such as punctuation and symbols
  • Are not obviously associated with the user. For example, they do not contain any part of the user's identification, such as the name used for e-mail, the name of the user account, the user's real name, and so on.
  • Do not contain common words, words from a dictionary, or slang in common usage
  • Are complex but relatively easy to remember
  • Are kept private. If a password is shared or discovered, change it immediately.
  • Are changed regularly, such as every 90 days
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