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Change the default user rights to prevent all users from changing advanced features, such as creating process templates, changing custom fields, or deleting history entries.

  1. From the Tools menu, select Configure System.
  2. In the Configuration Options dialog box, click the User Rights tab.
  3. (Optional) If the user does not appear in the Users list, click Add User, type the person's Windows operating system user name, and click OK.
  4. Set the rights for a user:
    1. In the Users list, select the user.
      To affect all users, select EVERYONE.
    2. In the Rights for list, select the check box next to each right that you want the user to have.The following user rights are available:

    Delete History

    Destroy history entries.
    Without this right, an [x] appears next to Destroy History Entries on the Tools menu in all windows in Workshop.

    Change Job Type

    Change a pre-job to a job or a job to a pre-job in Job Finder.
    Without this right, an [x] appears next to Move to Job (or Move to Pre-Job) on the File menu in Job Finder.

    Destroy Job

    Destroy jobs in Job Finder.
    Without this right, the user cannot destroy a job. If the user tries to destroy a job, an error message appears.

    Edit Process Templates

    Create, edit, and delete process templates and workflow templates.
    Without this right, an [x] appears next to Process Template Editor on the Tools menu of all windows. An [x] appears next to Edit, Rename, and Delete when you right-click a process template or workflow template in the Process Templates pane.

    Edit Process Templates Per Task

    Temporarily edit process templates from the Start Process dialog box.
    Without this right, the Edit Process Template button is inactive in the task's Start Process dialog box.

    Lock Preflight Profiles

    Lock preflight profiles to restrict editing by users.
    Without this right, the Locked option is disabled on the Preflight Profile Manager dialog box, allowing users to edit preflight profiles.

    Manage Custom Fields

    Create, modify, and delete custom fields for jobs and job elements.
    Without this right, the Custom Fields Manager dialog box appears in read-only mode. The user cannot create, modify, or delete custom fields. This permission does not affect a user's ability to enter values into custom fields.

    Set Custom Field Values

    Enter custom field values in Workshop.
    Without this right, the user cannot enter values into custom fields.
    For example, in a custom field called Salesperson, a user with the Set Custom Field Values right can enter the value Sandy in the Salesperson custom field.

    Manage Rule Sets

    Create, edit, delete, enable, disable, move, import, or export rule sets for Rules-Based Automation in Workshop. Editing includes the ability to add a description to a rule set. Without this right, the Rule Set Manager window and the Rule Builder window appear in read-only mode. This right does not affect a user's ability to start or view information about rule sets, including viewing all of the rule sets in Rule Set Manager, viewing the content of a rule set in Rule Builder, viewing the Rule Set Info dialog box that describes a rule set, viewing the RBA Status Web pages, and viewing the RBA Reference Web pages. If you use Prinergy Rules-Based Automation, do not give all users the right to work with rule sets. In other words, for the EVERYONE user, clear the check box next to Manage Rule Sets.

  5. Click OK.

The user rights take effect the next time that the user logs on to the Prinergy system.

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