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Use the Precheck tool to check for conflicts and for adequate disk space.
The Prinergy Preinstallation Check (Precheck) software alerts you to potential conflicts that you should resolve before upgrading the server. A number of internal checks are performed, including checking the system to ensure that the minimum required software version of Prinergy is running, that the Oracle database has been backed up within the last 24 hours, and that there is adequate disk space for the upgrade.


  • The Prinergy Workflow 8.0 installer includes the Precheck tool, but a standalone version remains available for your convenience. Due to the Oracle 12 migration in this upgrade (unless you are upgrading from Prinergy 7.5), additional free disk space is required during the upgrade process. To confirm you have sufficient free disk space to complete the upgrade, make sure you run Precheck before you start the upgrading process.
  • On a Hot Standby system, the Precheck tool does not check for adequate free disk space on drive J, so you must manually verify that the free space on drive J of the Hot Standby system is equal to or greater than the free space on drive J of the Primary server.

You can run the preinstallation check without shutting down the Prinergy software.

  1. In the Updates folder, double-click the PreCheck.exe file.
  2. Resolve any problems found before you continue with the upgrade.
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