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When your Prinergy system is first installed, the system is registered and the Prinergy license is entered in Prinergy Administrator on your behalf. At any time after the system is installed, you can use PLAS to retrieve your existing permanent license key. If you are entitled to any new Prinergy features that became available between the time that you ordered your Prinergy system and the time that the system was installed at your site, PLAS will provide you with a new permanent license key to enable the new features.

The new license contains all of your Prinergy licensed options and replaces your existing license.

  1. In PLAS, click View registered products.
  2. Select your site, select the Prinergy installation for which you want to retrieve the license key, and click Continue.
  3. Click Retrieve existing license.
    Your permanent Prinergy license key is displayed. If applicable, it includes any new Prinergy options to which you are entitled.
  4. Click Download the license key to download the key in an .xml file.
  5. In Prinergy Administrator, replace the existing Prinergy license with the new license:
    1. Save a copy of your existing Prinergy license. See Saving license key information.
    2. Remove your existing license. See Removing a license key.
    3. Enter your new license. See Entering a license key.

Prinergy Workflow software-based licenses can be retrieved in Online (automatic) and Offline (manual) methods as detailed below.

Online (automatic) license key retrieval


When installing the Prinergy Workflow software on your primary server, the installer will display a licensing dialog box, already populated with your server's unique system ID.

  1. In the License ID box, enter your license ID. 
    Note: Your License ID is the same as your Prinergy Workflow serial number which takes the form YCxxxxx or YCxxxxx-xx. 
    • If you already have a Partner Place account, log on to Partner Place at Navigate to Service & Support > Product Registration and License Activation > View registered products and select your site. A list of registered products will be shown, including the serial number for your Prinergy Workflow system (generally, in the form YCxxxxx, YCxxxxx-xx, or YCxxxxx-xxx).

    • If you do not have a Partner Place account, but you have a support plan that entitles you to the Prinergy upgrade, you can register on Partner Place at Then log on to Partner Place at Navigate to Service & Support > Product Registration and License Activation > View registered products and select your site. A list of registered products will be shown, including the serial number for your Prinergy Workflow system (generally, in the form YCxxxxx, YCxxxxx-xx, or YCxxxxx-xxx). 

  2. In the Partner Place username box, enter your Partner Place user ID.
  3. Click License Key.
  4. Click Retrieve License. Your new license key is automatically retrieved from PLAS and your Prinergy server will continue to contact the KODAK Product License and Activation System (PLAS) in the background on a regular basis to keep your system licenses up to date.

Note: If you are unable to retrieve a license automatically, but have met the requirements above, it is possible your system may not be configured to work with certificates correctly. In these cases, the issue may be able to be resolved by updating Internet Explorer to the latest version and/or applying current updates to your Windows server.

Offline (manual) license key retrieval


  • A workstation or server, other than the Prinergy Workflow primary server that has Internet access

  • A Partner Place user ID

If your Prinergy server cannot access PLAS or does not have access to the Internet, you will need to download a license file from a workstation or server that has Internet access. When the Prinergy Workflow installer detects that it is unable to contact PLAS, it will present you with a Software License dialog box that provides an opportunity to save an XML file containing the necessary information to generate a license. 

  1. From the Prinergy ESetup Software License dialog box, click Browse to select a location for the XML request file, and click Save to save the file.
  2. Copy the XML file to another workstation that can access the PLAS server on the Internet. 
  3. From that workstation, connect to and use the tools on that page to upload the XML file. PLAS will generate a new XML file that you can use to license your Prinergy server. 
  4. Download and copy the new XML file to the Prinergy server.
  5. Submit that file to Prinergy by clicking the Load license key from file (manual/trial) button, then Browse to locate a license file, and then Read File. Multiple licenses may appear in the licensing dialog box. 
  6. Select the license you want to apply to the server, click Apply to install the license, then proceed with the upgrade installation.

Automatic License Renewal

If your Prinergy Workflow server has Internet access as described above, purchased licenses will be automatically renewed on a regular basis. If the Prinergy Workflow server is unable to reach PLAS for extended periods of time, it will begin notifying the system administrator two weeks before the base license is set to expire. If your Internet connection cannot be restored within two weeks, retrieve an updated license file to renew the base license using the manual method.

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