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Before beginning the upgrade, ensure that your system meets the requirements.
Do not attempt the upgrade if your system does not meet all of the following requirements:

  • Your current Prinergy version is or later.
  • You have your new Prinergy software-based License ID (used for retrieving your new license during the upgrade installation).
  • Your operating system is Windows 2008 R2 or 2012 R2.
  • The system has been backed up within the last 24 hours.
  • You are able to allow sufficient down time for the upgrade.
  • Your setting for Language for non-Unicode programs in Region and Language > Administrative tab is set to English (United States).
  • No rule sets are stored in the system group folders Prinergy System, Sample Rule Sets, and OPS Sample Rule Sets. The upgrade overwrites these folders.
  • The system has sufficient free disk space on the System and Data drives. Use the Preinstallation Check (Precheck) tool to check for disk space requirements. The new Prinergy Workflow installer also checks if sufficient disk space is available before beginning the upgrade.
  • No external USB drives (including Kodak service drives) or additional internal drives are connected to the server during the installation. Having additional drives connected to the server may affect the installation of Prinergy’s Oracle 12 database. The only drives that should be configured on the server before the upgrade starts are C and J.
  • ColorFlow update issue: As of ColorFlow 7.5, the ColorFlow database has been restructured to improve performance. When upgrading to Prinergy Workflow 8.0 from a version earlier than 7.5, the Prinergy 8.0 updater will migrate your existing ColorFlow database to the new structure, but in some cases may be unable to do so because of legacy data format issues. Even if you are not an active ColorFlow user, you may be affected by these data format issues. 

    • If you are a ColorFlow user: Contact your local Customer Engagement Center so they can run a remote Precheck to validate your ColorFlow database, before giving you the go-ahead to proceed with the upgrade. If any additional ColorFlow database maintenance is required, it will be performed before you are given the all-clear to upgrade.

    • If you are not a ColorFlow user: Perform the following file maintenance before running the Prinergy 8.0 updater; stop Prinergy, browse to C:\Program Files (x86)\Kodak\ColorFlowServer\ColorStore and rename thecolorstore folder (all lower case) in this directory to colorstore_backup. Then proceed to run the Prinergy 8.0 updater.


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