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Daemons are processes that runs behind the scenes to perform a specific task. Daemons have no user interface; you do not interact directly with them. Instead, you use Workshop, which initiates communication with the appropriate daemons.
A daemon allows processes (Workshop, tasks, files in hot folders, RBA, and so on) to interact with a job. (Daemons are sometimes called servers, but the Prinergy documentation reserves the word server for hardware.)
The file names of daemons appear in the Processes pane of Administrator and in the Task Manager dialog box in the Windows operating system.

List of daemons

The following table lists most of the daemons that help run a Prinergy system. Use this list if you encounter references to daemon executables in system diagnostic logs.

Full Name (Application column)

File Name (Filename column)


Archive Daemon


Manages communications between the Media Manager, Windows RSM, and the Prinergy database.

Automation Daemon


Manages workflow templates

Automation File Transfer Server


Sends and receives files from an Automation File Transfer Server on another Prinergy server, when the Transfer Files action is used in the Rules-Based Automation (RBA) software

Automation Web Server


Hosts the Web services that provide an interface to RBA. Used by the Workshop software, the installer, RBA Status Web pages, and the Raise Event executables.

Client Manager Daemon


Manages the Workshop software connections

Cloud ConnectorCloudConnector.exeIntermediary between the Prinergy server and Prinergy services in the cloud

Custom Field Daemon


Changes the database in response to changes in custom fields, including changes users make in Custom Field Manager and Get Info dialog boxes, and extracts custom fields from imposition imports

Dashboard Collector Daemon


Receives job progress information from each Dashboard Proxy Daemon it is connected to. Generates XML for the Dashboard Web client to format for display to the user.

Dashboard Prinergy Proxy Daemon


A client computer process that collects job status information from the database and forwards it to any Dashboard Collectors that have registered interest in a set of jobs on that Prinergy system

Dashboard Web Server Daemon


A small Web service that is based on a third-party product that enables Dashboard to run in a Web browser

Device & Service Daemon


Tracks the names and locations of JTPs

DFE Manager Daemon


Integrates a Digital Front End (DFE), such as the Prinergy Evo software, into the Prinergy system

Diagnostics Log Daemon


Maintains a log of all informational warning messages and error messages for other daemons

Diagnostics View Daemon


Reads and buffers log files written by the Diagnostic Log Daemon

Font Installation Daemon


Lets users add a font to a job folder and enables the font to be converted to a RIP-ready (PDF) format

File Daemon


Tests whether input files are visible to the server that a job is running on

Gateway Services daemon


Provides access to job intent data (that is, products and parts)

General File Summary Daemon


Retrieves summary information for imposition plans

Hot Folder Daemon


Monitors hot folders that are active on the server, including job hot folders and smart hot folders

Implementation Repository Daemon


Brokers requests to connect with daemons and maintains a list of available daemons

Job Launcher Daemon


Opens the Job Daemon when a user opens a job in Workshop

JTP Agent Daemon


Starts and stops JTPs and tasks

License Key Monitor Daemon


Monitors temporary licenses and issues a warning when a temporary license is about to expire

Locator Daemon


Enables the Workshop software to find the Prinergy system

Main Directory Daemon


Maintains a listing of the secondary servers and jobs, and is responsible for user authentication at logon

Name Service


Maintains a list of CORBA services. When a service is requested, it passes the service address to the client computer.

Notification Server


Notifies the Workshop software of changes on the server

Notification Service


Orbacus Notification Service, a third-party component involved in communication

Preflight Daemon


Provides PDF Preflight capabilities

Preps Integration Daemon


Facilitates communication between the Preps software and the Prinergy server

Process Daemon


Bridges the Adobe Extreme technology with the rest of the Prinergy system

Process Plan Daemon


Tracks the names and locations of process templates

Registered File Daemon


Records files and their locations to the database

Rule Engine Daemon


Executes rules in RBA

Spool Daemon


A central repository for hot folder information and status

System Monitor Daemon


Scans all Prinergy servers and the Prinergy database for free space. Issues a warning when space is below a certain threshold. Scans log files for errors and writes the errors to the Prinergy Diagnostics window.

Thumbnail Daemon


Generates thumbnails of arbitrary resolution

Workflow Descriptor Daemon


Manages process templates

Workflow Manager Daemon


Manages tasks

Yoho Message Server


Communicates data with the Kodak Prinergy Business Link software, which translates the data between an MIS and Prinergy

Yoho Proxy Server


Retrieves work types and other data from Business Link for use in the Workshop software

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